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At the Law Office of Stephen P. New, we are committed to ensuring that employees and workers throughout West Virginia are paid the wages they deserve in a timely manner. We will thoroughly evaluate the situation and all records involved. If your employer is behind on wages or has not paid you for overtime or any hours worked, we will pursue those payments and any damages you are entitled to. We will also ensure that no illegal or improper deductions are being made from your paycheck.

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In the state of West Virginia, employers are required to pay their employees every other week. If an employer fails to do so, the person is entitled to those wages plus three times that amount. The employer is also responsible for any attorney fees that the employee incurs. The employer must pay interest on any damages, as well.

If an employee quits or is fired, he or she must be given wages for hours worked within 72 hours of leaving the company.

Often an employer will try to skirt these and other requirements, either to buy time on making the payment or to avoid paying overtime. The company may disguise this by offering comp time and other trade-offs in lieu of paying what is owed on time. In cases of overtime, the employee is owed time and a half for any hours worked over 40.

Employers may try to convince their workers that the way they are being compensated falls within legal guidelines. It is important that employees are aware of what they are entitled to and have representation that is equipped to protect their rights.

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